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Aqualiens board game Review
Aqualiens board game Review


Year Published: 2017

Meet these adorable creatures that live on the bottom of a deep blue ocean. They really like seashells and, as everyone knows, you can never have too many seashells. So they have learned to grow new arms and tentacles so they can always grab just one more seashell. Layer the transparent cards to complete the task but make sure to use as few cards as possible! The quickest player wins the points.

There are different types of boxes. You may choose the one you prefer.

Key selling point:

  • Original transparent cards: be the first to find the winning combination!
  • Requires attention, develops dexterity, observation skills and quick reflexes.
  • Has challenging advanced mode for expert players.


  • 4 creature cards
  • 50 goal cards
  • 48 transparent cards
  • 17 crystals
  • Game rules
  • Playing Time: 20-25 min
  • Age: from 5 years
  • Players: 1-4


Author: Jean-François Rochas
Illustrator: Irina Pechenkina
Width: 12.8 cm
Height: 17.8 cm
Depth: 4 cm
Weight: 256 gr


  • Family Bronze Award (Imagination Gaming Family & Educational Game Awards) — 2018

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