Boardgames publishing and distribution


We published our first game in Russia in 2007 and since then we licensed (from other publishers and authors) and put on the Russian-speaking markets more than 500 games, some of which are highlighted below. Through more than 15 years on the market our team acquired exceptional expertise in boardgames which helped us recently to successfully launch into international publishing with our original titles which we sell world-wide through the network of our distributors. 

Being a bit of perfectionists, we carefully select the most interesting concepts from both Russian and international authors and develop them into beautiful and entertaining high quality board games for families and friends. We put special emphasis on the packaging and the market potential of each game since in our opinion the best game has to sell itself! We are proud of being able to produce games at our own factory in Russia, as well as to develop our manufacturing opportunities.

Among numerous games of our production, several generally recognized hits can be highlighted: Storytailors, Hedgehog Roll, Speed Colors, Do You Gnome Me?, Alice’s Garden, Escape from the Asylum.
We are the first and only Russian publisher to win the Kinderspiel des Jahres 2020 (Children’s Game of the Year), the most prestigious game award in the world. This prize was given to Hedgehog Roll in 2020. Another game, Storytailors, was also marked with the Kinderspiel des Jahres nomination in 2021.

Since last year, all publishing rights have been sold to Red Cat Games, and Lifestyle Boardgames remains focused on bringing games to the local market.

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